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Unlocking Property Value: The Impact of Security Systems

Imagine your condominium with unfamiliar faces loitering in the common areas, or using the facilities. 

On the flip side, consider a condominium equipped with a highly advanced managed security system. Suddenly, your property is not just any residential estate; it’s a secure haven, a place where you and your loved ones can really feel at home. It’s where you would enjoy a greater peace of mind, knowing that every entry point is closely monitored, and every visitor is verified and accounted for. It transforms into a community where residents can feel safe, and their assets, both tangible and intangible, are well-protected.

Looking further ahead, what if having this robust security system not only looks after its residents, but also influences the value of your asset? In the real estate market, a condominium estate with a high-tech 24/7 security system gains a competitive edge. It can command higher resale values due to its reputation for its high exclusivity, as well as its robust safety and convenience. This is not simply just a concept; it’s an observation rooted in the real estate market. Potential owners perceive high-value properties should naturally include up-to-date, dependable 24/7 security technology, along with well-trained, professional-looking guards.

To achieve these security enhancements, VerifSuite is the essential component that can transform an estate into a secure and thriving community. VerifSuite Estate streamlines the management of visitors, residents, and facilities, offering secure access control solutions that guarantee the estate’s security. In addition, VerifSuite Video offers a comprehensive surveillance solution overseen by a Central Monitoring & Command Centre (CMCC), complementing on-site manpower for greater surveillance coverage and efficiency. This creates a holistic security ecosystem for the estate. 

Access Control

A proper access control system can limit unauthorized entry to your gated community. This not only amplifies privacy but also elevates the property’s exclusivity and appeal for discerning buyers and investors alike. As an advanced access control solution, VerifSuite’s innovative integrated platform enables contactless access, supporting various identification technologies like BLE, QR, biometrics, and RFID, ensuring secure and seamless access control. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems, offering advanced capabilities and flexibility by allowing automatic gantry access through whitelisting both residents’ and visitors’ vehicle plate numbers.


Another critical aspect to consider is surveillance. Comprehensive coverage effectively deters suspicious activities within the estate, translating to a decrease in vandalism and improper handling of common area facilities. It goes beyond ensuring a safe environment for residents; it contributes to a well-maintained environment that promotes higher property values.

With VerifSuite Video Guard Tour, our command center agents conduct scheduled virtual patrols, guided by scripted instructions. This reduces the dependence on on-site manpower and minimizes human error. In addition, VerifSuite Video Alarm Verification allows command center agents to visually verify an alarm situation and, if required, remotely warn off intruders through on-site speakers.

Visitor Management

A visitor management system provides a balance between convenience and security. Verifsuite streamlines visitor management by allowing residents to invite guests while ensuring only authorized individuals can enter the property. This ensures that residents can enjoy the benefits of a secure environment without causing inconvenience to their guests. Verifsuite is able to identify overstaying visitor vehicles, effectively addressing security concerns and preventing unauthorized visitors within the premises.

VerifSuite is fully supported by Ademco’s in-house 24/7 Central Monitoring & Command Centre. VerifSuite enables end-to-end accountability and ownership over the system installation, maintenance, monitoring, and incident response. This comprehensive approach ensures that your property isn’t just secure but also efficiently managed.

VerifSuite Estate goes beyond merely addressing security concerns; it plays a vital role in elevating property value by creating a desirable living environment that appeals to discerning buyers and investors. With VerifSuite, secure and elevate your asset’s worth, one step at a time.

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