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Fire Monitoring | DECAMS

A decentralized alarm monitoring system, or commonly known as DECAMS, is a vital fire safety tool in keeping your building facilities and occupants safe from fire hazards.

Now part of our Smart City and VerifSuite Ops solutions, and a proven critical aspect of Singapore’s fight against fire hazard and disaster; DECAM (DEcentralised Alarms Monitoring) has been around since the 1980s.

 Ademco’s founding Managing Director, Mr TC Koh, saw the unnecessary destruction of assets and loss of lives was due to the difficulty in verifying fire alarm signals, and false alarms consumed bulk of the fire services’ precious resources. After studying what  advanced economies were doing in the 1980s, he fought hand-in-hand with Singapore Fire Services to get DECAM legislated. 

Ademco became a pioneer by helping selected providers to setup DECAM command centers, and later, setting up our own command center to be a DECAM provider. Today, Ademco is the leading DECAM provider in Singapore and is proud to be the lowest false alarms provider** for many consecutive years. Ademco continue to engage SCDF (Singapore Civil Defence
Force) closely in raising the standards of fire monitoring.

Ademco is also actively offering similar service model of Fire and Emergency Monitoring as part of a Smart City solutions to countries across Asia. 

Reasons why you need Fire Monitoring: 

  • Verify alarms to conserve Fire Services resources, deploying fire fighting assets to actual disaster
  • Fast response to fire is vital, as fire doubles in size every 30 seconds
  • Protect the credibility and morale of the Fire Services 
  • Maintain good public confidence level of the Fire Service
  • Function as independent party to enhance credibility
  • Independent party in detecting faulty building fire alarm systems
  • Serve as interface between public and Fire Services for alarms matters 

** Years that SCDF measured and disclosed lowest false alarms statistics