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Identity & Access Control

identity & access control, facial recognition, RFID, biometric access, access, control, occupancy, visitor monitoring

“Who are you” is at the core of any trust component in a Verification process.

Who you are can determine where you can enter, where you can stay, what asset you can use, to what you should be doing. In security applications, there are methods to represent Identity, from traditional Photo ID cards, simple tokens, encrypted smart cards to biometrics, and most recently Multi-Factor Authentication (2FA or MFA) and BlockChain Identity.

Ademco designs and build state-of-the-art physical identity access & control systems with specialized functions such as occupancy threshold management, facial recognition, and license plate recognition. With Mobility and Connectivity technologies, Digital Credential on the move and Frictionless Access Control has become part of our key offerings.

Ademco’s solutions addresses a wide spectrum of organisations, from chain-stores, Smart Cities, to large enterprises’ management of employees, service providers, contractors, vendors, and visitors. Providing businesses with the capacity to organise and manage roles and responsibilities with structured access to critical systems, physical assets, and building premises. Dramatically enabling organizations to mitigate risk and meet stringent compliances, as well as lowering the operational expenses involving daily administration and management. 

Ademco’s physical security solutions offer a comprehensive and customizable approach to identity management, with the ability to integrate physical access control systems (PACS), video surveillance, alarm monitoring, situation awareness and other business functionalities.

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