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Threat Detection

threat detection, perimeter protection, intruder detection, proactive security

Threat Detection often involves deployment of sophisticated sensors or fusion of sensors, to get the best results. Often facilities, while purpose built, may not have the most ideal environment in terms of security.

Ademco’s threat detection solutions involve combining advanced perimeter protection and intruder detection systems. From motion sensors, LiDAR, video analytics systems to AI video, our solutions are designed to effectively detect and prevent potential threats and handle security breaches, while keeping false alarms to the lowest possible.

Ademco collects data from previously siloed security threat detection tools across an organization’s operations to facilitate a more efficient investigation, threat hunting, and response. In the event of an intrusion or security breach, our CMCC team will work with you alongside law-enforcement agencies to mitigate the situation and help you get back to business as usual.

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